in COM 530

Pax Informatica (Lessig Questions)

1. What about Lanier’s problem with being locked-in? If we code the Internet to protect or run in one particular way don’t we run into an Asimovian (Foundation) crisis? Should we not fear being locked-in to a certain kind of values, even if those values are inherently free?

2. Even if the design can be changed, shouldn’t we be worried about what it is changing to? The three “bugs” apply here too since I don’t exactly know who is changing the code, where he or she is, and what their true motives and intentions are. Why not, in this case, just have one rule that there can be no regulation other than to maintain complete freedom of the net?

3. But isn’t anonymity what gives the Internet its power? If we start regulating everything, aren’t actually entering into a Big Brother scenario since countries would be able to identify dissidents and quash them?

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