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Hedron Development Blog Part 2

v 0.2.3
Encryption/Decryption fixed and salt changed. Fixed various typos and added commented code. Fixed all whitespace errors.

v 0.3
Added frame for check-in engine. Issues with check-in engine writing to database. Added stylesheet and jQuery to header.php.

v 0.3.1
Created specific CSS for check-in page. AJAX call doesn’t work and runs without error. Switched to check-in being opened in Shadowbox. Added Shadowbox.js with CSS to header.php.

v 0.3.2
Check-in engine now fixed and writes to database. Updated database table to add one check-in per check-in rather than just putting in a random number. Also changed DB layer to add hidden AUTO_INCREMENT user ID.

v 0.3.3 
Fixed issues with profile not uploading/saving picture and displaying picture correctly after upload. Start adding regular HTML tags to HERE_Docs in PHP.

v 0.4
Start styling site. Switch over to HTML doctype and nav structure.

v 0.4.1
Added js fade to pages for a dynamic look. Added logo.

v 0.5 (Full Alpha Version)
Made browser responsive (with the exception of IE because lets face it, IE is still crap). Full width-responsiveness with text scaling down to mobile sizes. Added logic to exclude “Other Members” from profile/member pages; now only shows on member page and home page. Added various comments to code. Launched for user testing.

Hedron Logo

Things in the pipeline:

  1. Fixing top-/bottom-padding (to 3px) on <nav><a> to eliminate miss-clicks
  2. On site message notification system (still experimental)
  3. Switch “Other Members” to “Friends” on home page (will require much more logic)
  4. Mobile responsive
  5. Button stacking on profile
  6. Re-style check-in dialogue
  7. Running database of games and check-ins to those games
  8. Erasing messages has suddenly quit working (unknown reason; no error thrown or “die()” tripped)
  9. Basic achievement/leveling system
  10. Set up logic of dynamic logo links
  11. Various minor bugs (“friends.php => messages=?”, names on messages no longer go to profile pages, random replication in friends list, friends list only showing mutual friends)
  12. Shadowbox full-size profile images? (questionable due to having multiple versions of pictures/resizing them; server load issues)
  13. New password encryption method: preg_split()/explode() input, combine with an array of salts, implode() new array, explode() array and salt again, implode() and MD5.

My conclusions from this project? One-man-banding sucks but is ultimately rewarding and allows you to control the product rather than having to worry about dozens of fingers in the concrete all trying to leave a unique mark on the project. The frustrating part is not having anyone else to rely on to get help or take a break and know work is still getting done. Google is your best friend and Netflix is your worst enemy.

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