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Geek’s Guide to Elon

When looking at schools, one would not see a traditional, Southern college as a bastion of geekery. Seersucker and bow ties do not equate to rolling a D20 to find a hidden door and the loot behind it. Surprisingly enough, Elon and the surrounding area has a stable geek culture that will more than satiate the geek within you.

Geeks need several things to thrive in an area: a geek community, somewhere geeks can meet, and somewhere that geeks can purchase necessary geeky goods. Below, I will outline some of the best places and groups in the area around Elon that will help the geek survive in such a traditionally non-geeky place.


Finding A Tribe That Does Not Meet in a Hive filled with Scum and Villany

Greensboro Meetups
Sometimes you just have to meet people IRL to really find your groove or routine in a new area. A great place to meet people is at a meetup. Luckily there are plenty of meetups in the area spanning everything from coder/app developer groups to my favorite, the “Greenspielers.” The Greenspielers is a weekly meetup for (mostly board)game enthusiasts that meets at a different member’s house each week. They are a great group of people  and even represent different levels of play along with being open to play just about anything.

Elon Chess Club
Don’t let the name fool you. The Elon Chess Club is more than just a bunch of pocket-protected nerds who get annoyed at bad grammar and unorganized sock drawers. Well, you should be annoyed by poor grammar, but that is beside the point. The Elon Chess Club offers the ability to get crushed in chess along with several other board games. You can even rent games like Power Grid and Settlers of Catan from them in the library if you need a bit of fun outside of normal hours. If you want to inquire further talk to the advisor, Prof. Aaron Peeks.

Hypermind has an unassuming website; you would think that the store would be super sketchy and or closed from the lack of updates. But you would be wrong. The shelves are stocked with everything from your standard fare of Euro games to comic books to educational games. Tuesday nights are board game nights where they will play something from the store shelves or you can bring in something and  you will easily find someone to play. For the Magic the Gathering players, Fridays are regular FNM events and Hypermind also hosts pre/releases along with informal EDH leagues.

Lazer X
Laser tag. Pew pew. ‘Nuff said.

The key to surviving such a seemingly geekily dry area is to not be afraid to embrace the fact that you know the statistical likelihood that you can hold Australia in a game of Risk or that your best friend is actually the murderer in a game of mafia or can name the principle composer of Final Fantasy. Strike out and find your group; you do have a +4 geographic bonus…

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