Howdy. My name is
Andrew E. Mauney

Andrew E. Mauney wearing a bowtie and seersucker

I tend to pretty regularly. At times I appreciate looking professional. When I have the time or the mood really compels me to pull something off of Notational Velocity, I tend to put my crazy ideas into words. If it is possible or I am allowed, I do prefer to put things on Github. I prefer to be in your inner circle. If you want to find out more about me or see some of my most recent projects, just shoot me a question at andrew DOT e DOT mauney at gmail.

I used to be a hardcore gamer, but life has gotten in the way recently. You can generally find me as Chryton on XBL, ChrytonBaine on PSN, and Chryton ( on Steam. If you want to get some quality pixel blasting in, let me know!

When I am not indoors quashing plots of villians taking over the world, you can typically find me disc golfing, indoor rock climbing, hiking, or occasionally fencing. If you are super lucky, you may even see me in seersucker and a bowtie... but hopefully not while also doing any of those previously mentioned things.

Want to see the old site? Take a look. This site is a judgement-free zone.

Please excuse the mess as I'm currently rebuilding.